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M is published and now in stores!

Updated: May 6

M, my debut novel, is finally on bookshelves.

Horizons, my publisher, have produced something of great quality. The final product does justice to Guan Baoying's artwork.

Really proud of its look, the inside covers, the typescript, and the overall feel.

Published on Valentine's Day 2024, within two days it climbed the charts of Malta's bestsellers and stands now at number 4.

M is about writers, specifically about one writer, Damian, who thinks is the best writer of his generation. He is on the cusp of completing what he thinks is the next great novel about his home country.

Fearing being relegated to second-best, he forms a group of like-minded writers with the sole purpose of sabotaging their work. Unfortunately for his terrible ambition, he falls in love with one of them.

M is about identity, purpose, and love.

You can buy M in Malta from Agenda Bookstores. You can also get it from the publisher's website here:

Or from Agenda here: Or contact me via the website if you'd like a limited signed copy delivered to you by mail!

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