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David Samuel Hudson


David Samuel Hudson is a Maltese author. He is the recipient of a distinction in a creative writing Master's degree from Bath Spa University where his novel manuscript was shortlisted for the Janklow and Nesbit prize. As a journalist, he was awarded the national journalism prize for his investigative work on French secret agents operating in the country. He was chosen as a National Book Prize adjudicator in 2020. He previously worked as an English teacher, copyeditor and translator. He is currently working at the University of Malta and is a creative writing lecturer at the Malta Society of Arts. His fiction has won prizes in the United Kingdom and the United States and has been featured on Business Weekly, NPR, and the Chicago Review of Books. In 2024, he published his debut novel with Horizons.


M (Novel) - (Horizons, 2024)

Bric-a-brac American (Litro Magazine, 2021)

The Shape in the Rust (Fatal Flaw Literary Magazine, 2020)

Luna (Everything Change Climate Fiction Anthology, Arizona State University, 2018 - prizewinner)

French Spies inside an ordinary Maltese house (Maltatoday, 2018 - prizewinner)

Taking the high road: medical cannabis (Maltatoday, 2018)

A Real Boy (The Lobsters Run Free, Flash Fiction Anthology, 2017 - longlisted)

Why Footpaths Lead to Trees (Threads, Bath Spa anthology, 2016 - shortlisted)


Riddance (Scribble Magazine, 2016 - prizewinner)



On a more serious note, David is obsessed with cats. In fact, he tends to obsess about most things. He reads everything, from manga to literary fiction, but his favourite authors right now are George Saunders, Shirley Jackson, and Richard Hughes.

David is a flawed environmentalist, a bit of a homebody, but enjoys experiencing new things. He's always had a conflicted relationship with his home country but not the decade he was born into. He loves everything about the 90s: the clothes, the film cameras, the arcade games, the music, the movies.

David is overly sensitive, cries during most films (including animations), plays the drums and mandolin and tries to play the piano (although never seriously). He once wrote and directed a short film that was shown at the Malta Film Festival when he was 17. His favourite director is Peter Jackson and his favourite films are Heavenly Creatures (1994) and God's Own Country (2017), although he has plenty of guilty pleasures in this medium.  

His favourite colours are midnight blue, sunset orange, and white. He obviously loves books, stationery, and journals, especially if they're softcovers. He is obsessed with the idea of America and the wide open country even though he's never been. He thinks there's something magical about Massachusetts considering how many authors were born there.


David is critical, a bit of a rebel, and a bit of a comedian (but only with those closest to him). You'll never convince him that the best Spider-man films are not the Sam Raimi trilogy. 

Autumn is his favourite season. Month: October. But he was born in Spring. During a storm. Or the storm was born the moment David came into the world. He's not sure who inspired who.

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